Standard Protocol Partners Showcase — Metis Network

We are exciting to announce a new partnership, Metis, as our latest partnership line up. Metis is an upcoming Layer 2 Rollup infrastructure to support the running of the Web3.0 economy with its speedy and secured solution.

Our stablecoin, MTR, is just around the corner (end of Sep). With a belief in developing a chain-agnostic stablecoin, Standard Protocol will partner with Metis to bridge our MTR from Polygon such that Metis community will have a stable token ready for any Defi development as soon as Q4.

About Metis

Metis is an Ethereum Layer 2 Rollup Platform that aims to deliver a Web3…

Standard Protocol is joining Shiden !

We’ve secured the Builder Program grant form Shiden Network with unanimous vote from core team and committee!

Why Shiden Network

Shiden Network is Astar Network(formerly Plasm)’s canary network on Kusama. Recall our latest Product Roadmap, we aim to publish our canary version on Kusama through parachain auction in Q4. Shiden, as a multichain dApp Hub on Kusama, is therefore a highly valued partner for Standard Protocol to move towards this direction, by leveraging Shiden layer 2 solution and welcoming community.

Our Roadmap on Shiden

Standard will be launching our first MVP, our stablecoin MTR, on Polygon by end of Sep. As for Shiden, not only we will…

Standard Protocol Roadmap 2021/22

A long awaiting announcement for our community. Today, we are proud to announce both the latest progress of the project as well as a forward looking view of the protocol.


August — A quick recap so far

On and off that you might have heard from us in the Telegram and AMA about the collaboration of Polygon after our announcement on being rewarded the Polygon grant. After working very hard,the $STND contract is finally ready on Polygon and listable on Sushiswap and Quickswap. Next, we will be setting up the bridge so as to unlock migratability for our current $STND holders. This will be our first step…

Standard Protocol is now officially in CDL 2021/22 Cohort

We are very proud to announce that Standard Protocol has been accepted into the Blockchain Program 2021/22 Cohort Bootcamp at Creative Destruction Labs (CDL-Toronto).

CDL Blockchain Stream

CDL is an nonprofit objective-based incubator program for massively scalable, science- and technology-based startups in multiple streams including AI, Blockchain, Energy, Quantum, Space etc. The nine-month program is powered by a community of entrepreneurs, active venture investors, and academic leaders to facilitate the trajectory of startups by providing personalized mentorship, technical advice and opportunities to raise capital.

Mentors of the CDL Blockchain Stream include economic export Joshua Gans and Christian Catalini, accomplished entrepreneurs Ethan Buchman, Co-Founder…

It has been a while since our last update, but it is really worth the wait as our team ensures to deliver the best news for you all. Following the launch of our first Opportunity Standalone Testnet built on the Substrate framework last month, our team didn’t rest here but continue striving for growth opportunities and conquering next milestones.


We are very proud to announce two exciting news — Standard Protocol is joining two great communities — Polygon and Creative Destruction Labs (CDL-Toronto)

  • Standard Protocol is granted with #DefiForAll Fund from Polygon (ANN Link): The grant marks a new milestone…

Our first Staking Campaign has finally come to an end. Despite the weak market sentiment, we’ve recorded more than 50 stakers joining this campaign, with the leading address staked 3,510 UNI-V2 LP tokens! We thank you all for your continued support, let’s distribute the rewards!

Here’s the snapshot on 15 July 23:59 PST and the rewards for each eligible participant. For details, please visit here for the full staker list.

We’re excited to announce that Standard Protocol has been granted with #DefiForAll Fund from Polygon. Enabling our ERC20 token on Polygon, a Full-stack scaling solution that is notable with its transaction speed, capacity, and scalability on top of Ethereum, will unlock more potential for the team in expanding our vision on the stablecoin ecosystem to a much broader audience, by working alongside with all other top Defi projects on this awesome chain. This clearly set a milestone for Standard Protocol’s thrilling future — to be a chain-agnostic multi-ecosystem stablecoin protocol.

What is The #DefiForAll Fund

The #DefiForAll Fund is a 150M$ DeFi fund set up…

Opportunity testnet — come find your opportunity

Today marks the history of Standard Protocol — We’re here to announce the launch of our first Testnet built on the Substrate framework. Along with our newly scaled DevOps team, this testnet will enable the Standard Dev team to fast-track the development through a shared, well-maintained environment with commonly aligned configurations. Standard Protocol codebase will thereby be updated regularly on an ongoing basis on the testnet as well.

“Talents and products are the main factors that determine if a project could succeed and last.” said Kang, CTO of Standard Protocol.

“We definitely see the rising demand of stablecoins use cases…

Standard Protocol Staking Campaign

The recent weeks must be a hard time for most community members. Despite having achieved doubling our Uniswap Liquidity and recorded nearly $1M TVL in our staking contract in a month, the market sentiment continues to decline to a point that no one knows when it ends. Since the IDO, the Standard team has been putting more focus on our product development. We still understand that it’s difficult to hodl in this winter. Hereby, we’ve decided to offer our Standard members an Staking Campaign to endure this difficult period.

The Campaign

We will introduce three tiers of promotion, and everyone is welcome…

Standard Protocol Biweekly Update

The market is still in a bad shape, and the weather seems not getting better anytime soon. Stay safe and hold tight to your STND, because we are going through this tempest with more product news in the coming weeks.

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  • Our CTO Kang and Community Manager Michelle were invited to talk about the Future of Finance is DeFi at California Software Professional Association (CSPA)

Technical Development

  • Testnet has finally launched! Our tech team deserves a…

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